Hip Conditions

Descriptions of Common Hip Injuries and Conditions

Dr. Craig Neleson


Sciatica is an entrapment of the sciatic nerve either below or through the piriformis muscle. A lot of times, this is confused with lumbar radiculitis. This diagnosis can be treated with a sciatic nerve block.

Ischial Tuberosity Bursitis

Also known as weaver’s bottom, causes discomfort with sitting, especially on hard surfaces. It can be treated with ischial tuberosity bursa injections; however, frequent injections in this region can cause hamstring rupture. Other treatment options would be platelet-rich plasma.


Inflammation in the lower pelvis where the spine meets the pelvis. This can be treated with sacroiliac joint injections, lateral branch rhizotomies, and occasionally fusion.

Greater Trochanter Bursitis

The Greater Trochanter is a fluid-filled sac that lies on the outer aspect of the hip bone and can get inflamed as muscles rub against it. Bursitis can be treated with steroid injections, which are sometimes referred to as cortisone injections.

Gluteus Medius Tendinopathys

This typically causes discomfort in the buttocks and outer part of the hip. It is generally the leading cause of hip pain and not greater trochanter bursitis. This can be treated with platelet rich plasma injections, Tenex procedure or stem cell therapy. If these injections do not provide relief, surgery may be an alternative option.


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