What to Expect At North Texas Precision Pain Care

What to Expect At North Texas Precision Pain Care

Here at North Texas Precision Pain Care, we always put the patient’s considerations first.

In today’s climate, pain management services can be thwarted certain political and legal considerations, which can make things complicated both for patients and insurance companies. This paired with corporate entities that focus more on the business side of medicine instead of the patients, have clouded the industry.

At our Frisco area practice, we focus on our patients and on treating them like people, not like revenue streams.

Dr. Craig Neleson opened North Texas Precision Pain Care as a private practice, designed to help treat the whole person. Dr. Neleson is a sole care provider, not an employee of a hospital system or corporate medical practice.  This means, when evaluating a patient and developing a treatment plan—Dr. Neleson isn’t persuaded by the bottom line—he’s only worried about the patient’s best interest.

This clinic understands that patients have social and financial limitations and aims to keep costs low, by offering effective treatments that won’t break the bank. Treatments are prescribed to patients in a matter that works for their budget and their lifestyle—as needed.

At North Texas Precision Pain Care—you never have to worry about costly treatment plans that stop working before you’re even done paying. Instead Dr. Neleson works with every patient individually, so they can find a treatment that works for them adapting to changes as them come.

Pain management is not an exact science, which is why Dr. Neleson provides patients with different procedural options, so together you can determine which procedure provides the best course of action for relief.

Dr. Neleson will help you determine the cost versus the likelihood of the procedure working and will make sure you have access to treatments that actually deliver results. Here at North Texas Precision Pain Center we help you with procedures like this and do more than just write you prescriptions for pain medication. We know this isn’t a long-term solution.

We believe pain medication should be used as a bridge to a more extended treatment or if no other alternative treatment exists—and will use Dr. Neleson’s years of experience to help you find a solution that can help you find the relief you have been looking for.